Workplace Enhancement

We believe that most people want to go to work, do a great job and get on well with others and for our greatest work achievements, we have managed this at the highest level. However, there are times where things go wrong and individuals or teams need some assistance to help them bring their best back to the workplace.

Our workshops acknowledge that team members already have key strengths and skills in their tool kit and we aim to grow individual and team well-being from these strengths. By providing an opportunity for individuals to recognise and/or revitalise their current strengths and cultivating growth with additional knowledge and tools, we help individuals and teams to ‘bring their best’ to their work endeavours.

Workplace Enhancement Overview




Team Development Utilising the Team Management System or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

A key to organisational success lies in the ability of people to work effectively together. This only occurs when individuals understand their unique contribution and use these insights to implement change.

The Key to Collaborative Conversations

When faced with difficult conversations, many of us speak at each other in an argumentative manner, trying to prove our point at the expense of the other persons. There are many different tools we can use to help move from an argument towards a constructive outcomes that meet the needs of the individual and the team – this workshop focus’ on our methodology of thinking.

Growing Emotional Intelligence – An Introduction

In the past, success in leadership has been attributed towards functions which relate to cognitive intelligence i.e. IQ. These functions include a person’s capacity to learn and understand operational procedures and requirements such as technical equipment, development of business plans, budgets, rostering, and administration.

Bouncing Forward

Bouncing Forward is a one-day workshop to help people not only bounce back from the challenges in their lives, but to bounce forward into a more balanced life.

Successful Conflict Resolution

Human beings are the only animal on the planet that have language programmed into our DNA – this workshop is about making the most of this unique gift.

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