Growing Emotional Intelligence – An Introduction

In the past, success in leadership has been attributed towards functions which relate to cognitive intelligence i.e. IQ. These functions include a person’s capacity to learn and understand operational procedures and requirements such as technical equipment, development of business plans, budgets, rostering, and administration. Although cognitive intelligence will indicate a person’s capacity to learn and understand these requirements, it will certainly not indicate whether a person has the capacity to be an effective leader. Research shows that high Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a critical predictive factor for leadership success.

For some companies, a high emphasis on management skills, has resulted in their leaders lacking an understanding of principles that relate to better understanding of self and others. This seems absurd when one considers that the most important (and in some cases the most expensive) resource available to the leader is the people surrounding them. This one day workshop introduces the leaders to the domains of emotional intelligence, explores principles of interpersonal neurobiology within leadership practice, provides concreted tools to assist in the managing of emotions in self and others as well as improving relationships.

Bar-On ( a leading specialist in the field) defines emotional intelligence as being:

a cross-section of interrelated emotional and social competencies, skills and facilitators that impact intelligent behaviour.

Emotional Intelligence enables effective understanding of ourselves and others, incorporates relating well to people, and includes managing stressors in our work and family lives.

By the end of the workshops participants will:

  • be able to define the domains of EI;
  • understand the neurology that relates to growing EI;
  • have insight into their own emotional management;
  • be able to engage empathetically with others; and
  • understand the benefits of having high EI as a key leadership capability.
No current dates have been scheduled for this workshop.

If you would like to book an inhouse workshop:

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