Gary Lane commenced his working life as an apprentice fitter and machinist at BHP in Newcastle and in his early years worked in a variety of areas including building sites and factories. He is now a Registered Psychologist with over 30 years organisational and counselling experience. Gary commenced his career as a Psychologist in the Australian Regular Army and has served 15 years in both the Regular Army and the Army Reserve. In addition, Gary was the recipient of the EF Campbell Medal for the development and implementation of training programs for career succession planning management within the Australian Defence Force.

Gary was employed as the Manager, Employee Assistance Service – Queensland Police Service, where he led and managed psychologists and social workers across the state as well as establishing, supervising and coordinating all Peer Support Programs. In addition, the role involved the provision of advice to the Minister of Police, the Commissioner of Police and Senior Management. Whilst working in this role, Gary led a state government project that explored occupational stressors experienced by members of the Queensland Police force. In addition, he was a recipient of an FBI National Academy Scholarship to investigate international procedures and best practice in the assessment of Undercover Police Officers and criminal profiling. As a result Gary worked with the Michigan State Police, the FBI and New Scotland Yard and studied the assessment procedures used by these enforcement agencies.

Gary established Phoenix Psychological Services in 1998 and has been providing quality services to organisations and community members ever since. These services have ranged from the provision of general counselling (specialising in trauma), peer support training and mentoring, as well as workshops that enhance personal well-being, leadership practices and team enhancement. Gary’s strengths lie in his ability to connect to people and share psychological principles and practices in a plain-speaking meaningful way. His personal strength, integrity and warmth enables him to be authentic in his work and coupled with his life experience, creates credibility with others.


IMG_4890 (2)(1)Liz Lane is a Registered Psychologist with over 20 years experience in lifestyle management, conflict management, counselling and effective HR practice. Liz commenced her career assisting disadvantaged young people develop effective life skills and overcome life difficulties. In her early years Liz worked in several Youth housing and educational Projects, assisting client to break their cycle and improve their well-being. Liz worked for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for almost ten years. Initially she held the position of Psychologist, facilitating conflict resolution and well-being within the organisation. Liz finished her time in the QPS as a project worker in the Supportive Leadership Program, where she assisted in the development and delivery of state-wide leadership programs.

Liz joined Gary as a partner in Phoenix Psychological Service in 2004 and has provided general counselling (specialising in relationships), mediations and skills-based workshops in personal well-being, leadership and team enhancement to a variety of organisations. Liz is Gottman (1) Relationship Therapy trained and is an accredited facilitator in Dr Brené Browns -The Daring Way. Liz’s strengths lie in her care for others, she believes in their fundamental good and her openness, coupled with authenticity enables her to connect. She brings a lively energy to her work and ensures that people are comfortable enough to reflect, open up and stretch into new understandings and skills.


In summary, Gary and Liz Lane are both qualified Psychologists and adult educators, who furnish a relaxed training environment that ensures delegates stay interested and embed in key learnings. They have been providing team, leadership and well-being workshops (specialising in Emotional and Social Intelligence) to the Veteran Community and Emergency Services Personnel (both staff and volunteers) for well over 25 years. Their workshops are well suited for down to earth individuals who want to better understand the psychological principles and practices that enable individuals and leaders to ‘live their best’ and stay connected with others at work, in the community and at home. They believe in people, teach from life experience as well as their craft and make sure their workshops are conversational, meaningful, collaborative and in the right moments, fun.


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