Connected Leadership Workshop Series

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. —Publilius Syrus (46–29 BC).

True leadership is the ability to navigate through difficult situations by making decisions which ensure harmonious connection is maintained between the organisation, the members of the leadership team and the members of staff.

Balance between rational and emotional solutions is critical in decision making and getting the right ‘mix’ is an important skill for those in leadership roles. Using rational thought processes alone to lead through challenges, without an emotional reference can result in rigidity, whilst decisions based entirely on emotion without any rational input can result in chaos. The test of a leader is their ability to maintain the correct balance between rationally and emotionally based solutions in order to meet the needs of the situation, the organisation and all people involved.

Excellent 3 days; many, many new tools and processes to use in the future that would assist not only me but everyone involved in any form of leadership training.

All killer, no filler.

The Connected Leadership Workshop Series explores the Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) leadership skills required to achieve excellence in all endeavours. The series focuses on growing the individual’s ESI within a platform that promotes using emotions so they work for us, not against us. Leaders with high ESI are able to effectively manage personal, social and environmental change by realistically and flexibly handling the immediate situation, solving problems and making decisions.

The workshops are tailored to take into account the organisation’s mission, who the leader is, who is being lead and the circumstances which afford the leadership opportunity. Providing attendees with the opportunity to unlock their ESI potential and apply this potential to their leadership practices.

The workshop content caters for the group as a whole, as well as at an individual level. Teaching skills which enable each participant to identify what their best looks like and with the use of practical tools taught throughout the course, grow this best to achieve consistent and sustainable results.

The overwhelming majority of participants who have completed this series of workshops have acknowledged that their leadership capabilities have been greatly enhanced and that many of the skills acquired have translated into enriching other areas of their lives as well (see testimonials below).

The Connected Leadership Workshop series consists of 3 three day interactive workshops and 1 one day revision session available for each workshop in the series. These workshops enhance all leadership practice, being are most suited for those at entry level to middle management.

The Connected Leadership workshop series overview




Leading with Strength

“Leading with Strength” is the first workshop in the Connected Leadership Workshop Series – this Workshop Series explores and develops the Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) leadership skills required to ‘bring our best’ to our leadership practice. According to a world renowned leadership author –

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making our weaknesses irrelevant.”

Peter Drucker

This one day workshop provides key principles and skills to help a leader define and bring their own strengths to the workplace and enable others to aligning with theirs.

Leadership in a Collaborative Environment

“Leadership in a Collaborative Environment” is a three day workshop which aims to provide additional insights and skills to leaders, so they can enable staff to ‘bring their best’ to the all aspects of the workplace. Enabling collaboration within and between teams is key to the pursuit of excellence within a workplace, it is the leaders role to enable collaboration within and between teams, this workshop explores emotional and social intelligence principles and practice. It focuses on why individuals choose to stop collaborating and how leaders can get team members ‘back on track’.

Leadership through Positive Influence

“Leadership through Positive Influence” is the second level to Leadership Within a Collaborative Team Workshop and expands on its themes and emotional and social intelligence concepts. As these key concepts are referred to during the sessions, completion of the first workshop is highly recommended before attendance at this level.

Connected Leadership

“Connected Leadership” is a two day workshop with an optional day 3 (incorporating the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Team Management System personality assessment tools). This workshop explores the key emotional and social intelligence practices of self-reflection, meaning centered leadership practices, empathy and communication that reflects personal beliefs and values. It creates a strong inter-connection between the leader, the individuals being lead, the organisation and the circumstance which requires positive leadership practices.

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