Connected Leadership

This 3 day workshop further explores principals of emotional intelligence, exploring the importance of leaders staying connected by integrating the needs of self, others and the surrounding circumstances. The Connected Leadership workshop adds depth to the principles explored in the previous workshops, drawing from the work of Steven Covey, Marshall Rosenberg, Dan Siegel and Victor Frankl.

The workshop enables attendee’s to explore ‘connection’ in three areas:

  1. Connection to themselves –ensuring the leader understands their personality type, character strengths and driving values.
  2. Connection with others – to be able to effectively influence, we need to be able to connect with those around us. This includes those we lead, our peers and those who lead us.
  3. Connection to our surrounds – this both the organisation we work in and our environment i.e. our ‘work situation’.

The workshop incorporates interactive exercises, group discussions and individual reflective practice, incorporating a personality assessment with the Myers Briggs Personality Type (MBTI) or Team Management System Inventories. At the end of the workshop, leaders will have explored key principles and will understand that the pursuit of excellence is disabled if there isn’t integration or connection at all levels in their leadership practices.

Key topics include:

  • moving from ‘reactive’ to proactive decision making;
  • defining your ‘Book of Life’
  • enhancing Influence;
  • leadership and the brain;
  • self-Empathy and Empathy – understanding needs and emotions;
  • how to ‘put first things first’;
  • principles of Non-Violent Communication – an introduction;
  • enhancing resilience and
  • celebrating differences – embracing diversity to enable excellence.

Provides greater consciousness and theory towards practices that are commonly dealt with in the workplace.



Attendees comments include:

Awesome course. Please come back again. Helped with every aspect of my life! Thanks Gary and Liz. Excellent work! Loved it!

Liz and Gary are very engaging and knowledgeable. They are very good at making me look at myself, my behaviours, my feelings and my leadership. They are great at including everyone in the discussion, yet not feeling they are passing judgment or undervaluing anyone.

New tools and reinforced existing learnings.

Liz and Gary are fantastic inspirational people how through telling others their story, inspire others to do the same. They are both beautiful people. Thanks guys!

Enables me to better deal with people issues.

Will assist me in speaking in difficult conversations in the future.

I want the rest of my team to attend this workshop.

Great workshop – it really made me think.

I found the whole session very informative and beneficial – it exceeded my expectations.

Very valuable.

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