Well-being and Resilience

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Enhanced well-being and resilience relates to our ability to sustain harmony within ourselves and to ‘bounce forward’ when life is tough. Our programs assist participants to find emotional balance, and successfully navigate the challenges that exist in their life situation. This is achieved by facilitating a personal journey which grows emotional and social intelligence. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore philosophical and psychological principles that expand their understanding of themselves, their emotions and others and are then able to use these key insights and tools to enrich their lives.

Free Relaxation Exercises

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Well-being and Resilience Overview

Peace of Mindfulness – the gateway to stress free living

Whilst this seems simple enough to do – most of us have to unlearn or overcome a lifetime of unhelpful negative thinking patterns, which take us to emotional states of worry, fear, anger, regret, sadness, etc. This workshop will teach you some useful strategies to overcome these patterns and help ground yourself into the moment.

Bouncing Forward

Bouncing Forward is a one-day workshop to help people not only bounce back from the challenges in their lives, but to bounce forward into a more balanced life.

Communication and Conflict Management

Human beings are the only animal on the planet that have language programmed into our DNA – this workshop is about making the most of this unique gift.

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