Our Values and Philosophies

This is what we believe in and value:

‘Being our best’ is directly related to our well-being:
It feels great when we live true to our values and choose to be the best person we can be, in each circumstance. “Being our best” for us, isn’t striving for perfectionism or believing “you are only as good as your last…….”. “Being our best” is showing up and doing the best we can on a given day, striving to live our values and having pride in what we do, whilst still accepting our imperfections. Being our best is “showing up – as best we can”. It allows us to grow and learn, gives us permission to savour our life successes and an ability to mourn those moments when hindsight shows us that we could have done things differently.

“We can’t do it on our own”:
The richness in life comes from our connections with each other and we embrace Dan Siegel’s principal of “MWe”. Magic happens at the meeting point that exists between Me and We. If you think about your most rewarding life experiences, the Me isn’t lost into We and the We doesn’t exclude Me. We are wired for connection and whilst that does make us vulnerable, it also gives us the ability to pursue true meaning in our lives – we often suffer when we try to do it alone.

“Valuing and respecting each other is a practice that creates safety in our work and home relationships”:
We value Carl Rogers principle of  ‘unconditional positive regard – UPR’ and believe that the very core of ‘our best’ is our ability to treat our ourselves and others with UPR. We have repeatedly asked in our workshops – when do we have the right to treat others in a disrespectful and undignified way and every time the answer is “never”.

“Bringing empathy and fostering compassion to both ourselves and others, drives connection and facilitates repair”. 

“The so called ‘soft skills’ can be really hard to master”:
We are all learning to manage the gap between who we are and who we aspire to be. The skills that reflect our emotional and social intelligence are broad and there seems to be always something to hone. We are always learning and we haven’t met anyone who has ever truly graduated from the University of Life. 

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