Leading with Strength Workshop

Leading with Strength is the first workshop in the Connected Leadership Workshop Series – this Workshop Series explores and develops the Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESI) leadership skills required to ‘bring our best’ to our leadership practice. According to a world renowned leadership author –

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making our weaknesses irrelevant.”

Peter Drucker

This one day workshop provides key principles and skills to help a leader define and bring their own strengths to the workplace and enable others to aligning with theirs.

Key Assumptions for this workshop include

  • Everyone has strengths i.e. something that they do particularly well, something that appears to come naturally to them!
  • When people bring their strengths, they are bringing their best!
  • Sometimes people forget to or choose not to bring their best!
  • A leader helps someone uncover and align with their best i.e. re-engage their strengths – helping team members align their strengths with team and organisational goals!
  • If a leader stops believing that a team member has strengths that can contribute to the overall good of the team/workplace, they are no longer able to lead that person!

Over the day participants will:

  • Explore why leaders need to be ‘connected’ in their leadership practice,
  • Introducing a ‘strength based leadership’ paradigm,
  • defining how a leader can harness ‘positive power’ in themselves and others,
  • developing foundational communication strategies that empower a leaders team by defining the core strengths that enable members to ‘bring their best’
  • link these tools into defining how to enhance Community Engagement

“Inspires me to act more positively even in negative situations”



Attendees Comments Include:

“Would recommend this course be included in any basic H.R. program”

“This will assist me with my work issues and personal issues at home”

“Gave me confidence and desire to be a great leader and get the most out of every day”

“Inspires me to act more positively even in negative situations”

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