Team Development
Utilising the Team Management System

A key to organisational success lies in the ability of people to work effectively together. This only occurs when individuals understand their unique contribution and use these insights to implement change.

With the aid of the Team Management System (TMS) and the Team Management Profile (TMP), our tailored workshops will assist teams to identify their preference in relation to both their work role and personal preferences.


The TMP is a research-proven psychometric profiling tool for personal, team and leadership development and offers a framework to build high performing organisations. The TMP is all about learning, not assessment.

The Profile can be used across organisations to improve performance and achieve better business outcomes. It provides a common language and framework for individuals, teams and organisations to recognise their strengths in the workplace, enabling positive, lasting change. The personalised report provides objective, constructive, work-focused information that helps individuals understand why they work the way they do, and develop strategies for improving how they work with others. It provides insights about your work preferences in relation to:

  • Leadership style
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team building and
  • Communication

The TMP has been designed specifically for use in the workplace. It takes into account situational leadership theory, which demonstrates that people are different at work than they are at home or in other situations. The TMP is not a general label of personality, but a detailed, work-focused feedback tool. The Profile is underpinned by two different models– a model of work and a model of people.

This allows us to look at the work context in total – not just the people side and not just the process side, but both. The result is a holistic description of an individual’s preferred approach to work. It concretely explores who we are and what we like to do – not the general construct of personality.

From there you can very easily link the learning back to a concrete training and development Action Plan.

The TMP provides the knowledge required to improve work performance at an individual and team level. When teams achieve a higher level of connection between their work preferences and job demands – it increases the team’s energy, enthusiasm, commitment and motivation, as people are undertaking work they enjoy. Then you are on the way to becoming a high-performing team.

Celebrating differences with the MBTI

We live and work in an ever changing world meaning that challenges for team environments are constantly evolving. With the aid of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, this workshop will assist teams to identify their strengths and embrace the differences that exist amongst members.

At the end of this one day workshop team members will be able to:

  • identify their Type on the MBTI Type Table;
  • understand their personality strengths;
  • understand the strengths of other team members;
  • identify potential personality ‘hot spots’; and
  • use type to help foster a positive team environment.

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