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Executive Coaching

We believe personal growth is fundamental to the enhancement of individual well-being. In turn, organisational growth is reliant on the positive growth of the individuals within it. Finally, it is essential that leaders guide the growth of an organisation through leading by example.

Employee Assistance Service

We provide employees counselling support to members of registered organisations, as a part of their employee assistance program. Our counselling services aim to resolve both work and personal problems before they impact adversely on work performance and general well-being. Areas of specialty include (but are not restricted to): workplace trauma, stress management, anxiety, workplace conflict, relationship management, communication management, bullying & harassment, sexual harassment, work demands and organisational change.

Mediation Services

Our workplace issues mediation service offers an informal resolution process to assist members to settle areas of dispute, including formal grievances. As qualified mediators, we assist parties to explore areas of disagreement, helping them share their stories and discuss their needs. Our mediation environment allows parties to speak openly and respectfully to each other, with the aim of negotiating towards a resolution that meets both party’s needs. Resolutions range from informal verbal agreements to more formal written assurances.

We facilitate the Executive Coaching sessions with an action – learning methodology.




We facilitate the Executive Coaching sessions with an action – learning methodology. Action being to ‘forward the action’ into current practice, with a non-judgmental accountability being included in the process. We accept that learning occurs both from what we do and don’t do. Learning is not just about information sharing, it incorporates both knowledge and skill development aimed at generating resourcefulness and resilience. Our sessions are offered within an empathetic environment that provides positive feedback and encouragement.

We ensure our coaching sessions work within the unique parameters of individual and (where appropriate) organisational needs, with a focus on enhancing emotional and social intelligence – both being central to effective leadership practice. Our sessions help move leaders from a primary focus of “controlling the what” (often found in a command driven philosophy), to “enabling the how” (leadership practices that facilitate people and processes using high emotional and social intelligence). They encourage the exploration of values driven behaviours, assisting the individual to find alignment between individual and organisational values and needs.

Our executive coaching sessions:

  • focus on the development of Emotional and Social Intelligence and topics can include: general leadership practices, conflict management, relationship enhancement, emotion management, team development, impression management, communication skills, change management, confidence building, self-awareness, presentation skills, learning styles, public speaking, career development, interviewing skills and being a positive influence;
  • work in real time, with current issues and needs as they arise;
  • provide tools that aim to grow Emotional and Social Intelligence, from now and into the future;
  • present concepts that align with our workshops; and
  • incorporate psychometric instrument including the Team Management System (TMS) and the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Whilst attendance in a workshop provides a wealth of discussion and an ability to learn from peers, the personalised sessions offered by Executive Coaching of leaders are beneficial because they:

  1. assist individuals move from what may appear an intangible to the tangible in terms of personal and professional growth i.e. we don’t know what we don’t know in our leadership practice;
  2. directly invest in the organisations most valuable resource – its members (with a focus on effective leadership practices);
  3. foster mutually beneficial growth for the individual being coached and the organisation;
  4. enable succession planning as it provides an avenue to develop and retain motivated and talented members;
  5. can move individuals from ‘below the line’ to ‘above the line’ behaviours (if needed); and
  6. align individuals with their most important work related motivational drive – the clarity of understanding and pursuit of ‘meaning’ in their work life.

If you are interested Executive Coaching, or would like more information regarding Employee Assistance or Mediation Services:

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