Our Values and Philosophies

As psychologists we don’t hide from the fact that we teach psychology in our workshops. This is not making the assumption that our attendee’s are ‘in need of psychological help’ but comes from the premise that psychology is the study of human behaviour and there are some tips that can help ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives.

We use these underpinning philosophies in our work:

  • ‘Being our best’ is directly related to our well-being. It feels great when we live true to our best qualities and values. Whilst most of us strive to ‘bring our best’ to life situations, sometimes our ‘humanity’ gets in the way. Understanding why this happens helps us manage ourselves and live better.
  • We are not living as hermits in a cave and whilst it is important to uncover and bring ‘our best’ we need to help encourage others to do likewise.
  • An important benchmark for common decency is behaviour that is underpinned by dignity and respect. We value the term coined by Carl Rogers – ‘unconditional positive regard’ and believe that the very core of ‘our best’ lies in our ability to treat our fellow human beings with UPR regardless of the circumstance. The other side of this coin is that we have the right to insist that others offer us the same.
  • ‘He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail’ – Abraham Maslow. We can all benefit from new ideas and skills the more tools in our tool kit the better we are at solving the problems of life.

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